1. Initial Setup

An ESP representative will work with you to determine:
a) the safety glasses needed for the job
b) the coverage amount for every employee in the program
c) the material of the frame
d) the lens and coatings (e.g. Single Vision vs Progressive; Anti-fog coating)
e) the add-ons (e.g. Dust dams, bridge paddings)
f) any other additional paramaters

When you become a client of Eye Safety Plus, you will have access to our ESP Web Portal. We will setup a profile and provide you the login credentials. Scroll down to see all of the portal's features!

You will also be provided marketing materials like pamphlets and posters to promote the program in your offices.

2. Easy Mass Enrollment

If you provide us a list of employees for the initial enrollment, we will bulk input the data into the portal and automatically generate the requisition forms for all covered employees.

Alternatively, you also have the option to authorize requisition forms on a case by case basis using the portal.

3. Browsing Our Catalog

Employees are also given login credentials on their requisition form to access the patient's side of the portal. Here, they have the ability to browse through the frames we carry and get an estimated cost for the prescription safety glasses prior to their ECP visit. It will also show any overage costs that are to be paid by the employee.

4. Placing an Order!

With their requisition form, the employee visits one of our participating ECPs. It will already be pre-populated with all the information the optician need to order the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses.

If the employee selected frames exceed the covered amount, an overage amount will show in real-time. The employee will be responsible to pay the remaining balance in order to process the job.

5. We complete the order on our end

Once we received the order, we will proceed to produce the order. It takes on average 5-7 business days.

Should there be an overage, the employee will be sent a secured email payment link. The job will be on hold until the balance is paid.

6. Ready for Pickup!

The completed job will be sent to the ECP where the order was placed. The employee will be notified via email that their new safety prescription glasses are ready for pickup.

The optician will assist with final adjustments to ensure the frames will properly fit perfectly to protect the employee's eyes.


Add new employees to the program and authorize requisition forms

Monitor and track each employee’s usage 

Generate and download monthly reports, as well as individual invoices

Access FAQ with coverage, billing, and warranties information